Photos: Florian Liedel (2), Robin Kater

Emma Drogunova, the youngest of this year’s European Shooting Stars, was born in postsoviet Russia and was raised in Berlin. As a young girl, she first took to the stage before appearing in 2012 in the highly acclaimed German TV mini-series Adlon – A Family Saga. For her role in the short film Don’t Hit the Ground in 2013 she was honoured as Best Actress at the Filmfestival Cinemaiubit in Bucharest. Between 2014 – 2016 she completed her studies in contemporary dance while taking part in several TV-productions. In 2016, Drogunova was cast in her first feature length film Kalinka, followed by roles in Nick Baker-Monteys’ Leanders letzte Reise, Constanze Knoche’s Under the Family Tree and Mia Spengler’s Back for Good. She could also be seen in the series Wolfsland and the leading German TV crime series Crime Scene: We-You-They. In 2018, for the big screen, Drogunova demonstrated her talent for comedy in A Jar Full of Life in which she played opposite Matthias Schweighöfer and Jella Haase. She was also cast that year in the role of Anezka in de adaptation of Robert Seethaler’s bestselling novel, The Tobacconist, directed by Nikolaus Leytner. The critically acclaimed TV drama Blind Spot (2017) by Stephan Lacant in which Drogunova has a leading role received a nomination as Best Pictures at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

In February 2019, Emma will take part in the prestigious EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS programme together with ten of the best up-and-coming acting talents from Europe who are deemed ready to step out onto the international film scene.

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