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Established in 2006, LimeLight PR stands for holistic, creative and innovative PR and publicity work, delivering taylored approaches for all facets of film craft. We create campaigns for domestic and international film projects from motion pictures, series, shows and events as well as for festivals and organizations. While our home is the theatre, LimeLight works on set and unit publicity as well as for home entertainment campaigns released on physical discs, streaming services or broadcast on traditional TV. Our clients are German distributors and producers, Hollywood majors, independent studios and festivals. We also represent a select group of actors.

High quality standards combined with a transparent, reliable and proactive work habit are at the core of our culture. Constantly expanding our experience in the ever-changing market place is our top-priority as a company to deliver great results and gain the trust of our clients. To achieve these goals, we can rely on our big network and many years of experience of our team.

Martin Wieandt

Managing Director

Elena Bothor


Über die Fotografie kam Elena Bothor das erste Mal mit der Filmbranche in Berührung. Nachdem sie die „Neue Schule für Fotografie“ besuchte,...


Freya Kempener

Junior PR-Managerin

Bereits 2015 kam Freya Kempener durch Arbeiten am Set zum ersten Mal mit der Welt des Films in Berührung. Bevor es sie endgültig in die Branche...


Birgitt Unteutsch


Nach einer Ausbildung zur Bankkauffrau arbeitete Birgitt Unteutsch viele Jahre als Kundenberaterin bei einer Großbank, bevor sich die Mutter...


Svenja Gelfert

Junior Publicist

Natalie Graf

Senior Publicist