Shrewd, assured, and fiercely intelligent, Julien Baptiste is a renowned French missing persons detective. He is defined by his dogged attitude and leaves no stone unturned as he attempts to unravel the complexities of his cases. Julien’s key vulnerability is taking the work so personally. A natural empath, he cannot help becoming involved in the lives of those affected by the crimes he investigates. When Julien is asked to help Edward Stratton find his niece, Natalie, he immediately feels his way into the case, sympathizing with the women forced to prostitute themselves in Amsterdam’s red-light area. As he digs deeper and deeper, Julien will disturb a hornet's nest of dangerous men that will seek to hurt him in the most devastating manner.

Starring Tchéky Karyo returning to his role from “The Missing” as the titular character, ‘Julien Baptiste,’ “Baptiste” also features Tom Hollander (Bohemian Rhapsody, Birdbox) as ‘Edward Stratton’ and Anastasia Hill reprising her role from “The Missing” as ‘Celia Baptiste’. The show is written and executive produced by Harry and Jack Williams under their Two Brothers Pictures label for BBC One.

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Tchéky Karyo, Tom Hollander, Anastasia Hill
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