The award-winning comedy series "Das Institut - Oase des Scheiterns" by author Robert Löhr and director Markus Sehr is entering its second round on BR television. The series is once again set in the fictional country of Kisbekistan, where six brave employees of a German language institute are doing everything they can to inspire the Kisbeks for German culture.

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Launch Publicity (Print/Radio/TV/Online)
Markus Sehr
Christina Große, Rainer Reiners, Swetlana Schönfeld, Robert Stadlober, Nadja Bobyleva, Omar El-Saeidi, Jan Weiler, Kurt Krömer, Katharina Schlothauer, Peter Trabner, Florian Lukas, Arnel Taci
Production company: 
Novafilm Fernsehproduktion (Produzentin: Geraldine Voss) commissioned by BR, WDR and NDR in association with Magenta TV
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