For the first time, the Munich Series Camp Festival invites series fans from all over Germany to a joint virtual series event. From November 5 to 22, the series festival presents its extensive selection in its sixth edition for the first time throughout Germany - thanks to its own free VOD platform and the extensive live supporting program Seriencamp TV. This year, SERIENCAMP is supported by the main sponsors Amazon Prime Video and MagentaTV, who will present a diverse selection of original series. The first program highlights - such as the opening event with the world premiere of the MagentaTV series SPY CITY, co-produced by ZDF - have already been scheduled. Thematically, the variety of the series is more comprehensive than ever, from A for Arthaus to Z for Zombie series. With its selection, the festival is positioning itself right at the pulse of the times - politically, socially, diversely.

Type of support: 
Festival publicity