A classic: Georg (Ulrich Tukur) gives his marriage to Doris (Martina Gedeck) a death blow when he begins an affair with his doctoral student Laura (Lucie Heinze). Until then, Doris and Georg were regarded as the decals of a happy couple from the Hamburg middle class. Now - after more than a quarter of a century of marriage - they face the shambles of their relationship with two children, house and dog. But you don't just want to run riot, you also want to understand something. That's how reason speaks. So the two decide - completely civilized - to a separation therapy. Rosewar light? Far from it! Because soon the heart takes over the direction in this minefield of vulnerabilities...

Hardly anyone can let a marriage fail more beautifully than the two exceptional actors Martina Gedeck (BELLA MARTHA, DIE WAND) and Ulrich Tukur (DAS WEISSE BAND, JOHN RABE). After the award-winning drama GLEISSENDES GLÜCK (2016), director Rainer Kaufmann (EIN FLIEHENDES PFERD) reunites the two as a couple in an extraordinary love story. Lucie Heinze, Angelika Thomas, Marcel Hensema, Julika Jenkins and Peter Jordan take supporting roles. Martin Rauhaus (FAMILIENFEST) is responsible for the script of the divorce comedy. Klaus Eichhammer (EIN FLIEHENDES PFERD) serves as director of photography.

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PR-Betreuung des Kinostarts (Print / TV / Radio und Online)
Rainer Kaufmann
Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Tukur
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